By: Casandra Boyce López

For: Mermaid with an appetite

Word of mouth was that this restaurant was really good, like REALLY GOOD but months passed by and on many occasions while deciding where to eat I strolled right passed Perú Fusion & Ceviche Bar always telling myself, maybe next time.

It wasn’t until my favorite food truck, Nam Pla, which happens to be near my apartment closed momentarily, that I said to Olafo, “let’s try that Peruvian restaurant near by”. And so off we went arriving at around 8:15 p.m. The area where the restaurant is located is not very well light, the street and the building housing Perú Fusion & Ceviche Bar and other restaurants seemed dark and un-inviting.

There were a few dinner guest, which is uncommon at a restaurant in San Juan on a Thursday night. So still, I was not yet convinced.

The menu was ample with a wide variety of Peruvian cuisine,  from the traditional Ceviche,  Arroz Chaufa, and Potatoes  a la Huancaina, to pasta and risotto and even Puertorican options fused with a touch of Peruvian flavor such as a Mofongo stuffed with seafood a lo macho.

Things were starting to look up.

We placed our orders: An order of fish ceviche with ají sauce as the main dish and papas a la huancaina and pulpo a la brasa as appetizers, the plan was to share the meal.

The appetizers arrived first,

The papa a la huancaína, was our safety dish since its a tasty and easy dish, that’s probably hard to get wrong. The potatoes were sliced vertically and served cold, topped with the thick layer of huancaína sauce. The sauce was rich, creamy with a spicy quick to it, providing the plate with a burst of flavor while the potatoes gave the meal consistency. The dish was also served with hard boiled eggs.

Papas a la Huancaína | Peru Fusión | Restaurante | San Juan

Papas a la Huancaína

The pulpo a la brasa, in our opinion, was an unexpected surprise. It was absolutely delicious, not at all chewy as one would expect, but on the contrary it was surprisingly tender. The octopus is barbecued giving it a nice crispy and  smokey flavor and topped lightly with ají panca sauce that gave it a subtle sweet contrast with fair hint of spiciness . It is served over a bed of sliced barbecued potatoes adding an extra consistency to the plate. This was without a doubt our favorite for the night.

Pulpo a la brasa | Peru Fusion | San Juan | Puerto Rico

Pulpo a la brasa

Next, the ceviche arrived. The pops of color that the meal has to offer is in itself a feast for the eyes. The fish is absolutely amazing offering an almost a sweet like taste combined with a citrus and acidic flavor. The ceviche is topped with raw onions that add a crunchiness to the raw fish and thick bed of ají sauce providing a hint of a spicy touch, to the otherwise sweet and acidic fish.

We were so impressed by  the quality of the food, the deliciousness of the meal and the mastery  behind each plate, that shortly after we went back for seconds and once again we left with the utmost respect to the talented hands behind each meal.

Ceviche | Restaurante | Peru Fusión | Puerto Rico



I am lucky to have this restaurant near my home, and honestly I hope they stay in business for as long as humanly possible.

I highly recommend this restaurant, which is currently my new favorite place to eat. Perú Fusion & Ceviche Bar is truly an emerald in the rough.

For those interested in visiting Perú Fusion & Ceviche Bar, the restaurant is located at 1484 Av. Franklin Delano Roosevelt in San Juan.

Also, if you’re like me,  a complete fan of peruvian food I invite you to check out a web page dedicated solely to Peruvian cuisine in the United States.

Enjoy and Buen Provecho.